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Finding A Quieter Space

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Moxie Incorporated is a team of four psychologists, therapists and counselors who specialize in family dispute resolution. They help families facing an array of issues from parenting, trauma, conflict resolution and mediation, blended families and reunification. Having clients come into a peaceful, neutral environment is very important.

Moxie originally had office space in Golden Valley, but during their last few months the building was under constant construction and their landlord needed their space. The landlord was renovating the building and the Moxie office was inundated with constant noise from the sound of jackhammers, drills, trucks and construction noise.

“I understand the landlord’s need for renovation,” explains Kirsten Lysne, the company’s lead psychologist. “But our business is centered on being able to mediate in a quiet, comfortable space. The perpetual noise, the elevators not working, the dirt and mess became unmanageable. We wanted to move and start fresh.”

Negotiating the Lease
Dr. Kirsten Lysne was referred to Ron Scholder at Ackerberg Real Estate to help with the move.

The first thing Ron did was discuss an early lease termination with Moxie. An early lease termination is a payment a landlord can agree to pay a tenant in order to terminate their lease and move out before their lease expires.

Willow Creek PlazaFinding The Right Space
Next, Ron set about searching for a new space that suited Moxie’s needs. Moxie still wanted to do business out of the north metro, so it was up to Ron to find a comparable office space in the Golden Valley and Plymouth area. Moxie was growing, so they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to also increase their office size to around 3,000 square feet.

There were a few other things that Moxie was looking for in a new space:

  • Abundant parking for visitors
  • Highly visible and easy-to-find, must be off a major highway or thoroughfare
  • Private offices for each of the 4 principals
  • Larger conference room as well as two smaller “Discussion Rooms”
  • Open area for administrative staff
  • Kitchen / Break Room
  • Elevator and Wheelchair Access

Willow Creek PlazaThe New Space
After a few searches, Ron was able to find a new office for Moxie at Willow Creek Plaza, a beautiful 3-story office complex at 9800 Shelard Parkway in Plymouth. Their new office space on the third floor had several amenities that benefited the company:

  • All the principals have window access
  • Large area for reception
  • Good sized kitchen
  • Multiple conference areas
  • Convenient to elevator

Negotiating the Buyout
Once the location was found, the next step was to have Ron meet with the representatives of the landlord and negotiate the cost of the buyout. Ron was able to negotiate an amount that included the new tenant improvement dollars – an amount that the new landlord did not cover – as well as moving costs. This helped save Moxie funds that they could then use on construction and moving costs.

Once the buyout was agreed upon and executed, Moxie moved ahead with the final design work and construction of their new space. Cool, calming hues and comfortable furniture was installed to accentuate Moxie’s new, quieter atmosphere. The new office is designed more like a living room than a traditional office space.

Looking Towards the Future
Moxie moved into their new space in the summer of 2018 and has had great success at their new location. Everyone is happy with the change!

“Moxie faced a unique situation where their previous landlord needed the office space for themselves,” Ron Scholder explains. “I was glad I was able to help them negotiate a buy-out with the landlord so they could move to a location that better suited their needs.”



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