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Finding The Perfect Space

Meuser Law Office is a team of attorneys who focus in workers’ compensation, PERA/MSRS disability and personal injury law. Their original office was in a two-story business center on the north side of Lake Smetana in Eden Prairie. This location was considered a “destination location” as was not visible to street traffic.

Cory Miller from Ackerberg first called Ron Meuser, the founder, in September of 2007. At the time Ron was satisfied with the space and wasn’t necessarily looking to move. Over the years a relationship between Ron and Cory developed.

In 2015, Ron realized the office space was getting tight, however, he still had a few years left on his lease so he couldn’t make any immediate decisions. Eventually, Ron realized the company was going to outgrow their space and a new location was needed.

Searching for a New Space

It was late 2016 that Meuser Law started to get serious about relocating and asked for Cory’s help to identify alternative office spaces. Ron completed a questionnaire about the important attributes to the firm when looking for new office space and building.

  1. Location was one of the important features to Meuser Law.  Most of the attorneys were located near the Southwest metro area, thus buildings in Eden Prairie or along I-494 were considered.
  2. The second most important feature was an updated and modern look to the building and office space. It was important to Meuser Law to present the right image and have space that supported the hiring and retention of new attorneys, paralegals and support staff.

Three buildings were identified that fit the needs of Meuser. During the process of space planning and lease proposals, two buildings were eventually eliminated, leaving a building recommendation Cory made that happened to be directly across the lake from Meuser Law’s original location.

Across the Lake

This new location, 10400 Viking Drive, is a 5-story, 170,000+ square foot class A office building along Interstate 494. A huge sprawling lawn welcomes guests as well as a pond, fountain, curved driveway, shady maples and a row of patriotic flags. As you enter the building, the lobby has a digital concierge service, round-back chairs and a zen garden.

A few steps further reveals a stunning, two-story glass atrium that overlooks Lake Smetana. This atrium features a wide screen television, fireplace, bar, charging stations and various lounge chairs. Glass doors lead out onto a terrace with patio furniture, down to a dock and onto a nature trail that encircles the lake – ideal for walking meetings and wildlife viewing.

Other features of the property include a break area featuring food delivery and covered parking so employees do not have to brush snow off their cars during winter months.

Perfect for the Firm

Besides the beautiful common areas, the 6,500 square foot office had many other features that appealed to the firm:

  • Several offices in place with large windows bringing in natural light and a view of the lake – perfect for the attorneys.
  • The additional build-out was adding a few offices, open space for paralegals and service staff, and a reception area with a “wow” factor.
  • The finished space allows Meuser to grow the business from 2,800 square feet and add additional attorneys and staff to meet its growing demand for services.
  • The building and office space finishes created the right employee atmosphere for today’s workplace where the space itself serves as an employee hiring and retention tool.

Looking Towards The Future

Ron succeeded in finding office space that creates a lasting impact to attract new talent, expand the business, look professional to clients, and become a part of his legacy as the company grows.

Cory’s patience and persistence of staying in contact with Ron, resulted in an opportunity to help Ron find and create an office space that is truly beneficial.

“Meuser Law did it right,” says Cory in retrospect. “They started the search process early relative to their lease termination date as the office market is very active. Ron included the staff’s input on features the office space needed to achieve the company’s objectives for the future. His insight resulted in securing the right space with the right image and allowing time to build out the space to fit their specific needs.”

As challenging as the process can be, Ron never underestimated the importance office space plays when making hiring decisions. Ron notes, “Today’s staff wants to work in a space with modern features such as tall ceilings for a spacious feel, wi-fi in open, collaborative work areas, digital conferencing and plenty of natural light so the staff feels energized.”

One look inside Meuser’s office space and it’s clear, their office space at 10400 Viking Drive does provide an energetic feel.

Cory Miller


Cory Miller specializes in representing small to mid-sized companies who want to lease, purchase or dispose of office and industrial properties. He builds solid relationships by sorting through the data, managing the variables and finding unique solutions for his clients who require relocation, consulting, consolidation, investment and financing assistance. Cory understands the value of relationships and communicating the strategic and financial impact real estate decisions have on a client’s future.







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Posted October 18, 2018

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