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Lyn-Lake Buildings 621 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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Iron Door Pub, Lyn-Lake Building
Iron Door Pub, Lyn-Lake Building

Property Information

The Lyn-Lake Building is a combination of three buildings on the corner of West Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis.

  1. The first building is the namesake of the Lyn-Lake Neighborhood: a classic 1920s structure offering both character and convenience. This historic building sits directly on the corner and has an address of 621 West Lake Street. The first floor is retail/restaurant space and the second and third floors have office units.
  2. The second building is a retail/office complex with the address of 611 West Lake Street. The first and second floors are retail tenants and the third floor is office space.
  3. The third building is directly south on Lyndale Avenue with the street addresses of 3005 and 3007 Lyndale. This single-story building has two retail storefronts and is adjacent to the parking lot.

The Lyn-Lake Building and its variety of spaces offer high visibility, nearby bus routes, off-street parking and plenty of foot traffic.

Property Size: 22,000 sq ft
Parking Type: Off-street

Total Available Space: Fully Leased
Parking Spaces: 23

Neighborhood: Lyn-Lake
Public Transit: Nearby bus routes: 4, 21, 53, 113

This building is fully leased. For comparable spaces please contact us today.

Location: Lyn-Lake

The Lyn-Lake area is anchored by the Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue intersection, and located east of Uptown. It is bordered by 35-W to the east and contains the Lyn-Lake, Lyndale, and Whittier neighborhoods. Once considered an extension of Uptown, this unique area earned its name when branded by the Lyn-Lake Business Association in 1999, and has emerged as a vibrant neighborhood with its own unique character.

Community Profile

Voted Best Neighborhood in 2011 by City Pages, this section of Minneapolis  shares the eclectic mix of boutique shops and trendiness that the area is known for. The Lyn-Lake neighborhood is a small, dense neighborhood consisting of a mix of different types of uses. Old and new buildings sit next to each other, giving the neighborhood a resilient and pulsating energy.

Within a one mile radius of the center of Lyn-Lake, there is a population of 41,588 with 22,507 housing units. Younger, single renters primarily populate the area as 69% of the housing units in this one-mile radius are rented with an average household size of 1.95 persons. Non-family households consist of 72% of the 20,737 households in this neighborhood.  We expect the youthful energy in this area to grow along with the increased population.

Recent Trends

The Lyn-Lake area has been known for the past decade as a great neighborhood for rental residents and for fresh retail, restaurant, and commercial concepts. New apartment buildings such as Lime, Blue and The Murals in the Lyn-Lake area demonstrate the boom in demand for rental housing and a youthful, energetic demographic.  Ackerberg has been doing work in Lyn-Lake for many years, and our familiarity and presence in this neighborhood puts us in a unique position to enhance and create in this exciting neighborhood.

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Michelle Schmitt

Aaron Meyers, Commercial Real Estate Broker
Aaron Meyers


  • High visibility and exposure on one of Lyn-Lake’s busiest intersections
  • Off-street parking available
  • Recently renovated common spaces

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